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We have curated a list of important questions which are asked frequently about Big.Byte.Block. Pls go through these questions and answers carefully to understand us better. And pls do not forget to join our Telegram community where our members will be more than happy to help new members.

A contract represents your investment in our network. Cost of a contract is equal to the total number of active contracts when the contract was booked. It means the cost of contract will increase as more and more members join and become active in our network. So it is wiser to book a contract as early as possible.

Number of BBB coins a contract earns daily is equal to the cost of contract divided by 365.

Each contract is valid for a period of 1 year, which means it earns BBB coins daily till 1 year is completed. Once contract tenor is completed, contract is exhanusted and no more BBB coins will be credited.

Contracts may or may not be always available to book. Number of contracts available to book = ( total BBB balance of all members + total BBB available to sell on trade page) / total number of active contracts.

First, booking a contract is not free. It is not a free crypto in the making thereby implementing Proof of stake (PoS) protocol.

Second, every contract promises a definite return on investment (ROI), which then again be used to book contracts further, implementing Proof of Work (PoW) protocol.

Third, BBB coin is produced only when the network grows by booking more contracts. So, the forces of demand and supply guard its production necessity and not any individual desire or any constant running code.

BBB coin is our internal currency which runs our ecosystem of earning regular streams of income for long term by investing in contracts. BBB coin was listed in PancakeSwap earlier but now delisted. Currently BBB coin is not listed anywhere. 1 BBB coin = $ 0.00164700

BBB coin was listed in PancakeSwap earlier but now delisted. You cannot buy BBB coins anywhere else, except on our plateform as BBB coins are not listed anywhere else.

You can login and withdraw your USD balance from the withdraw funds page. Once all pre conditions are met your USD are sent to your BSC wallet address in BNB equivalents.

No adding deposit is not mandatory. You can still earn BBB coins by promoting your referral link and then using the earnings to book contracts. But, adding deposit allows you to book contract quickly and increase your daily BBB earnings.

Minimum withdrawal requirement is $ 10 and it will paid in equivalent of BNB coins only.

More contracts means more earnings. You can add deposit to book more contracts and earn more. Or you can refer others to earn referral bonuses, which then can be used to book contracts.

No sponsor or referrals is required to join and earn with us. As soon as you book a contract, it starts earning for you.

If there is any feedback or suggestion, we will be more than happy to hear you instanly at our telegram contact point.

Help Center