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  • What is a contract ?
    • A contract represents your investment in our network. A contract provides daily earning in terms of BBB coins adjusted at par with current market price of BBB coins.
  • What is ROI ?
    • ROI is return on investment. ROI is determined internally by our alogrithm keepin inflation, taxes and arbitrage interest rate in to consideration.
  • What is the purpose of a contract ?
    • The basic purpose of a contract is to provide BBB coins daily for 1 year at par with the current market price of BBB Coins. Which means you get more BBB coins when its market price is down and vice versa.
  • How much is the daily earning from contract ?
    • Your invested amount in contract multipled by ROI(%) and then divide by 365 days will give you your daily earning in USD. This USD amount is credited in terms of current market price of BBB coins.
  • How long a contract will give daily earnings ?
    • All contracts will give earning for 1 year.
  • How many contracts a member can book ?
    • Each member is allowed to book contracts up to 0.1 % of the total "Contracted Amount" or $ 500, whichever is higher. This is done to ensure that the production power of BBB coins does not remain in the hands of a few rich people who can later sabotage the whole BBB economy by short-selling the BBB coins at the exchange, thereby forcefully sacrificing the investment interest of the common man.
  • Why BBB Coin is unique and valuable ?
    • First, booking a contract is not free. It is not a free crypto in the making thereby implementing Proof of stake (PoS) protocol.
      Second, every contract promises a definite return on investment (ROI), which then again be used to book contracts further, implementing Proof of Work (PoW) protocol.
      Third, BBB coin is produced only when the network grows by booking more contracts. So, the forces of demand and supply guard its production necessity and not any individual desire or any contant running code.
  • What is the current value of a BBB Coin ?
    • Since BBB coin is listed on Pancakswap.Finance, its current value can be determined from Pancakeswap.Finance.
  • Can we directly buy a BBB Coin ?
    • You can directly buy BBB coin from PancakeSwap at market price. Or you can invest in a contract and earn daily income in BBB coins.
  • Can we withdraw USD balance ?
    • You cannot withdraw USD balance. USD balance are meant to be used for booking more contracts which will further increase your daily BBB Coins earnings. And you can always withdraw your BBB Coins to your BSC wallet address.
  • Is adding deposit mandatory ?
    • No adding deposit is not mandatory. You can still earn BBB coins by promoting your referral link and then using the earnings to book contracts. But, adding deposit allows you to book contract quickly and increase your daily BBB earnings.
  • What is minimum withdrawal limit ?
    • Minimum withdrawal requirement is $ 10 and it will paid in equivalent of BBB coins only.
  • How can I earn more and faster ?
    • More contracts means more earnings. You can add deposit to book more contracts and earn more. Also you can refer others to earn referral bonuses, which then can be used to book contracts. Pls see our referral policy which allows you to earn benefits up to 5 levels down the line.
  • Is sponsor required to signup and earn ?
    • No sponsor or referrals are required for you to earn. As soon as you book a contract, it starts earning for you.
  • How Big.Byte.Block earns to pay us back ?
    • We secure our assets by providing liquidity to profitable crypto pools at different decentralised exchanges. We also invest in other plateforms which are useful to our community eg;

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