Pls claim your income ASAP

As you are aware that we have crossed 5 million nodes and have started booking contracts.

And if you have booked your contract then you would be getting your daily income credited to your BBB balance automatically. You are not required to do anything.

You can check the credit entries on the "A/c Statement" page. And if in case you cannot wait for the auto credit, you can also claim your contract income before by going to the "Book Contract" page.


Congratulations ! .....5,000,000 nodes are blocked

Thanks for being part of our journey so far.

5 million nodes are blocked already and no more nodes will be blocked further. This means by next year, all nodes would have matured to become BBB coins and will provide the intended stable base for BBB currency generation.

Meanwhile, we have introduced "contracts". Each contract will be booked at the ticket size of $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500 only. Contracts will give daily earnings in BBB coins at market price. This means you will earn a variable number of BBB coins daily depending on the market price of BBB coins. If the BBB coin's market price is higher you earn fewer BBB coins and vice versa.

The earning matrix will follow the below logic from now on.

1) Existing nodes will keep earning USD till maturity and at maturity, they will become a BBB coin.

2) You will continue to receive your referral earnings in USD depending on the amount of contract booked.

3) Contracts will provide daily earnings in terms of the BBB coin's current market price. Which then can be withdrawn on meeting the minimum withdrawal conditions. ($10)

USD earned is to be used to book contracts further only and BBB earned from contracts or conversion can be withdrawn directly.

Withdrawal in BNB is stopped and BBB will now be the only currency allowed for withdrawal.

Pls continue to use the platform as will now be converted to a complete backend unit. And pls let us know if you face any issues while we transition, through our telegram group only.


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