Taking BTC/USD to 1 Million USD

Our Vision

We are on a mission to take bitcoin equivalent to one million USD. Considering what bitcoin has achieved in the past 10 years, it is very well possible and proved by many studies as well. This move towards 1 million is already planned and is already in place by many of the big investors.

Our Implementation

Two important drivers to take bitcoin towards 1 million rally are -
First, bitcoin's worldwide acceptance as a new asset class. Already every day thousands of people are beginning to hold their first crypto and it starts with bitcoin. Evidently, within the next 10 years, we firmly believe that 70% of the world population will hold bitcoin and use it as a means of payments and settlements from corporates to the common person.
Second, bitcoin numbers are limited and whatever is freshly generated is immediately bought. There is a huge demand for bitcoins among rich and wealthy for the fact they can hide their wealth away from regulators and government. Further, corporates have also started to mitigate their risk from economy and geo-political tension by investing on and off into bitcoins and other currencies. This ever-increasing demand will fuel the speculation to acquire bitcoin by everyone like a frenzy.
Infact, we believe that the bitcoin hype will be so much that it will even cross 1 million USD mark and can go even beyond that. Considering the truth that the value of money lies as valuable as it is easy to move around. At this point heavy hodler will start to off load their bitcoin holding to bring circulation of bitcoin at their desired level.
What about other crypto currencies ? they will also be popular but not as good as bitcoin. Everything else will always be derivatives whatever name they call.
If there is any suggestion or any feedback, we will be more than happy to hear you instanly through our telegram contact point.

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