Building new cryptocurrency to replace money.

Who we are ?

We are a group of exprienced IT people, who believe in the fact that, everyone should have the right to earn online and build a passive income for themselves so they don't have to work anymore.

What we do ?

To achieve what we believe in, we are building an ecosystem where anyone can invest in to the ecosystem and share the revenues earned by the ecosystem based on their individual contributions. Contributions could be in terms of investments in nodes or in terms of new referrals to the ecosystem.

Why we do it ?

We realised something important. There are two type of people in the world. One, who can invest money to earn more money. And second, who has little money but can work to earn money. Both of them have different conditions but have the common goal. So we build this ecosystem where both the investor and the worker get equal opportunities to earn based on their contribution to the ecosystem.

How we'll do it ?

There are 5 main stages to build the ecosystem which can sustain itself into an enviroment benefiting all its participants.
Stage 1 - Early adopters node blocking and building base through referrals.
Stage 2 - Distributing income from the nodes on regular basis.
Stage 3 - Commitment building within participants for daily traction.
Stage 4 - Minting a stable currency (BBB Coin) for transactions and trading.
Stage 5 - Developing decentalised apps over the ecosytem.
Stage 6 - Listing of BBB coin on exchange for value unlocking.
Stage 7 - Launch of marketplace for sustainable revenue generation.

If there is any suggestion or any feedback, we will be more than happy to hear you instanly through our telegram contact point.

Visit Us

Address : 341 W, 36th St, NY, 10018, USA
Phone : +1.2125428990
Time : 9 AM - 5 PM

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