Hard Reset is completed !!

We are glad to share the news that BBB hard reset is over.

You can now log in to your account and apply for withdrawals or convert your BBB balance to USD.

However, it is advisable to convert BBB only when the price is on the higher side to get more USDs.

Further, we have scrutinized and closed down 1000 plus fake accounts which were operating to devalue BBB.

Your BBB is important and with all these measures till now, we sincerely hope to revive its price back to its former glory.

Pls, don't forget to join our BBB community at telegram and be part of our journey.


BBB Hard Reset

Sometimes when your phone gets hung and no button seems to work. You are left with no other option than to hard reset the phone to bring it back to life and so it can start working again.

Likewise, we are going to hard reset BBB now. We have to completely bury our history with the nodes system and start afresh with the contract system. Some measures were already taken in the past but they were not enough to control the falling price of BBB. Some members kept working consistently against our expectations. As soon as we credit BBB coins to their wallet, they sell it immediately for a few pennies, sacrificing the combined interest of our whole BBB community to hold and build the price of BBB.

This selfish act of some members has pushed BBB to ventilators and you already know very well that if we do not do the right thing together, BBB won't survive.

Following are the series of steps we'll take to ensure BBB's complete transition from nodes to contracts.

1) USD Balance for all members is recalculated and the correct balance is either debited or credited again. The formula used for this calculation is mentioned on the "A/c Statement" page.

2) BBB withdrawals of all members who have withdrawn more than their deposit are put on hold till - 1st Sept 2023. However, you will continue to receive your daily BBB earnings from existing booked contracts till their maturity.

3) Current facility of conversion of BBB to USD within our platform is stopped temporarily.

Above steps will take 2-3 days to get executed. And with these changes, we sincerely hope to cut the crap of our losses and move towards increasing profitability for everybody.

Remember, the rest of the withdrawal conditions will remain as it is.

Further, only 10% of the active members have joined our telegram group. If you are still not there, we humbly request you to join our community ASAP and help us make BBB the best.


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Please remember to join our telegram group and be part of our community to discuss more about such announcements.

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