Important : Income from nodes will be reversed.

Since the launch of "Contracts", the concept of nodes has ceased.

Moreover, the drastic fall in BBB price after that and waiting for nodes to mature into BBB coins in 1 year is not a profitable strategy.

Accordingly, all the income from nodes credited after the launch of contracts will be debited (reversed), and all the nodes will be pre-matured before time into BBB coins.


We are listing on LATOKEN

We are getting listed on LATOKEN. And for that, we need to win their listing competition.

Follow the below steps and make us WIN this competition.

1) Sign up to LATOKEN using the link -

2) Go to the listing competition page and vote for us -

Pls, follow the above 2 steps strictly in order. Do not vote unless you have signed up using our link, otherwise, you will not get a $50 in the reduced trading fee.

All the best team !!


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